About us.
The Ophardt Group.

OPHARDT Maritim is a part of the internationally active OPHARDT Group. Founded in the early 1960s by the naval architect, entrepreneur and inventor Hermann Ophardt, this innovative family business operates companies on three continents.

The roots of the OPHARDT Maritim success story lie in a revolution in hospital and industrial hygiene: at the time, Herrmann Ophardt invented innovative soap and disinfectant dispensers by reinterpreting and perfecting existing products.

On the basis of extensive investments in research and development, the OPHARDT Group has brought a large number of patents and innovations to the market. OPHARDT Maritim benefits from this today as well as from almost 60 years of experience in aluminium processing.

In the year 2000, Hermann Ophardt returned to his roots as a naval architect in addition to his business activities at OPHARDT Hygiene. He founded OPHARDT Maritim. In doing so, he bundled his technical expertise as a naval architect with the by now outstanding strengths of his company group in the area of hygiene.

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Ophardt Maritim.

OPHARDT Maritim was founded in early 2014 by Hermann Ophardt with the declared goal of developing an outstanding, global innovation: the fully automated series production of aluminium boat hulls of the highest quality.

In 2018, the original idea of manufacturing quality hulls for the boat industry as an original equipment manufacturer was further developed through the expertise of the newly acquired management and the company was strategically realigned. Since then, OPHARDT Maritim has concentrated on high-end turnkey boats for professionals, which are unrivalled in terms of speed and durability.

Intensive research-
and development phase.

As a result of the OPHARDT Group’s decades of success, OPHARDT Maritim is a company that proceeds with prudence and reason. The focus has never been on “quick success”, but rather on the creation of products and solutions that set new standards in the long term. This takes time. A precious commodity that many competitors cannot afford./p>

Thus, the last two years were dedicated to intensive research and development. This includes, in particular, the continuous optimization of design, engineering, purchased materials (e.g. engines, hoses, working materials), applied methods and assembly processes.

All the results were subsequently tested in real-life applications. And improved. And tested again. And so on. Until OPHARDT Maritim was satisfied with the result and could give it a name: ZeroDark.

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