On-site service
in case of damage.

During operations or training, equipment and boats are subjected to particularly high stress. If something should be damaged, our service team on site will make sure that your ZeroDark boats are back in full working order as soon as possible.

Optimized mission effectiveness:
training and instruction.

OPHARDT Maritim provides comprehensive training for end customers to improve mission effectiveness. Our training solutions are tailored to all required maritime scenarios. Replicating real-life situations gives training participants the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies at a pace that matches their current skill level.

There is no substitute
for safety.

Safety is our top priority, as it is often the life-deciding factor during operations. No matter whether it is for public organizations such as the German Armed Forces, NATO, the Federal Police, cities and municipalities or aid organizations and NGOs. The same applies to military and police operations and humanitarian operations such as disaster relief.

That is why ZeroDark offers its customers at home and abroad technical and logistical support at the highest professional level – support that gives you assurance. For this purpose, we are supported by a renowned partner company specialized in this field and can therefore cover the entire spectrum of TLB services.

All this is carried out step by step in accordance with the current support service catalogue (BLK) of the German Armed Forces and the NATO - ALP-10 NATO Guidance On Integrated Logistics Support For Multinational Armament Program.

Based on the logistical-technical analyses of the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), our services cover the following areas (amongst others): product monitoring and support, establishing and maintaining readiness for deployment, compliance with legal regulations, system support services, establishing and maintaining supply availability and finally change management.

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How we develop

Together with renowned partner companies and in direct cooperation with our national and international customers from military/security authorities, we already define solutions for the integrated logistic support (ILS) and logistic support analyses (LSA) of our system solutions in the conception and development phase.

This enables us to support our customers in advance in order to achieve maximum profitability, efficiency and reliability with our products.

The operating model:
A solution that only
Ophardt Maritim can provide.

In difficult procurement times, caused for example by investment stops, you should still be able to fulfil your missions with the best equipment. That is what our exclusive operating model ensures.

Together with our respective customers, the scope of services is defined and a monthly instalment as well as a minimum term of contract are agreed upon. In addition to the scope of services, details such as response times and, if necessary, the provision of a replacement boat are defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).